Monday, May 21, 2007

Musical chairs and hot potato....

So, today was crazy, we went to an all girls madrasa (schools that only teach islam) and checked out their needs. Most of the girls lost family in the earthquake and cannot take care of themselves, so we are going to use food and such things to get our foot in the door. It was interesting and we will be going back later this week.

Then, after that experience, we went to a "party" for our aerobics instructors 25th wedding anniversary.
(Yes, I did say aerobics and it is just like an 80's videos!)
Well, we played "musical chairs" and hot was hilarious. You have never lived until you play musical chairs with such lively childlike women!!! Well, then being the goofy foreigner that I am...I was picked to perform center stage. they started to play techno music and called me into the middle of the circle to DANCE for them.
I wish I was what do you do in front of Muslim women.....booty dance?
those are the only moves I know other than disco I was at a loss and made an idiot of myself! I wish you all would have been there to see it....

Marvelous life in South Asia!

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SouthAsiaRocks said...

Sweet :) Last year, Adam and I saw a Musical Chair competetion between grandparents - talk about competetive!!! They were pushing people out of chairs!!! It was awesome :)
I would really like to see this aerobics class - sounds like fun :)
Keep rockin!!!