Monday, February 12, 2007

Dancing in the streets!

(this just happened five minutes ago 12:30 on Tues. afternoon) so i'm taking some time to respond to some emails in the living room, and outside the window it sounds like half time at a college football game....the drums, the horns, and lots of laughter! so i step outside the door and down our street comes a band and a horse drawn carriage with lots of women and men dressed up dancing in the street! it was a wedding procession and the groom was on the way to the bride's house! i ran inside to grab my video camera and i filmed for two seconds and the battery died... sad story! five white folk standing outside the house watching this was more of a sight for them then they were to us! we were such a sight that they pulled us into the middle of their dance procession and there we were, well, dancing in the street! I was in my jeans rolled up to my knees and a Liberty University tshirt! they were taking pics and we were on their video! that poor bride and her wedding footage is now tarnished forever...with my face grinning from ear to ear!

i always wanted to be a part of an indian wedding, but that was not exactly what i was thinking...

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