Tuesday, February 20, 2007

worst illness known to mankind...

let me recap the last week of my life, since i jst started this thing and am already a week behind...
v-day was good. ate subway for lunch and went to a crafts festival.
the next day we got on a train and left for Jaipur. went to a monkey temple and saw a snake charmer. SCARY!
two days later we headed back and that is when i was hit by the worst illness known to man....THE STOMACH VIRUS!
I was on the train and saw indian food being served and i dashed for the bathroom. i def. had an audience and they
were very much involved in the situation. i literally threw up 20 times in 2 hours....i sat on the floor next to the bathroom!
it was awful...the only redeeming event was an old toothless indian man that after my 14th episode handed me a piece of
his caramel hard candy with a huge grin :) thank you, old indian man for caring for me in my time of need!
needless to say, the adventure didnt stop there as i had my head buried in a plastic bag while driving with complete strangers...humbling experiences to say the least. so after an entire night of this sort of thing.... other stomach issues began to appear and i have been under the weather for well, 4 days now! did i mention i love this place....

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kav said...

ok so i love the fact that you are so honest and you want to tell all your insane stories!! know that we are lifting you and 'the sickness' up!!!