Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Okay, I love India again!

I have had a rough couple of weeks... started with a headache,
then progressed into vomiting.
then progressed into potty problems,
then progressed into, yes, it is true, hemroids!
Never had them before (thought only old people got them)
And never want them again! So in the last week, I have been
to the doctor's three times and unfortunatly to my embarrassment
had two of them inspect my rear end! HUMBLING!

So, these have been a rough two weeks, and there is no good
respectable way to explain the events that took place!

But, as of last night I feel so much better....
We went to an Indian wedding festival and it was a BLAST!
We danced the night away to Tina Turner, Madonna, Bon Jovi,
Justin Timberlake, Hoobastank, Elvis, and many Bollywood movie soundtracks!
Did I mention that Ashley and I actually danced with a Bollywood star?!?
(okay, not a hugely famous one, but still!)
We closed the party down and rolled in about 4:45 AM this morning!
I love my job!


kav said...

you are incrediable amazing.
..defined as: causing great surprise or wonder
thats used too often maybe?.... lets try something else?
i guess to name a few??? ummm.
keep keepin on!
Your Kavu bag loves u!

chrisminch said...

Thanks for sharing EVERYTHING!I just have one comment- wait until you have a baby!

I love reading your bog! I hope you can keep it up! This is great!

Mica Lynn said...

um I love you because you are simply amazing and awesome and spectacular

Brian said...

soooo awesome to see what God is doing with you these days! I am very encouraged....not that i didn't think you would be doing something like that. Reading about your life now, reminds me of africa- talks and walks- all about missions- mostly... hope your doing well. look forward to keep reading what you have to say and see how your changing the world with your life.