Tuesday, February 20, 2007

worst illness known to mankind...

let me recap the last week of my life, since i jst started this thing and am already a week behind...
v-day was good. ate subway for lunch and went to a crafts festival.
the next day we got on a train and left for Jaipur. went to a monkey temple and saw a snake charmer. SCARY!
two days later we headed back and that is when i was hit by the worst illness known to man....THE STOMACH VIRUS!
I was on the train and saw indian food being served and i dashed for the bathroom. i def. had an audience and they
were very much involved in the situation. i literally threw up 20 times in 2 hours....i sat on the floor next to the bathroom!
it was awful...the only redeeming event was an old toothless indian man that after my 14th episode handed me a piece of
his caramel hard candy with a huge grin :) thank you, old indian man for caring for me in my time of need!
needless to say, the adventure didnt stop there as i had my head buried in a plastic bag while driving with complete strangers...humbling experiences to say the least. so after an entire night of this sort of thing.... other stomach issues began to appear and i have been under the weather for well, 4 days now! did i mention i love this place....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

first a dance, now this!

i started my day dancing in the street and finished with a delicious oreo avalanche! (just like an oreo mcflurry)
i love this place!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Dancing in the streets!

(this just happened five minutes ago 12:30 on Tues. afternoon) so i'm taking some time to respond to some emails in the living room, and outside the window it sounds like half time at a college football game....the drums, the horns, and lots of laughter! so i step outside the door and down our street comes a band and a horse drawn carriage with lots of women and men dressed up dancing in the street! it was a wedding procession and the groom was on the way to the bride's house! i ran inside to grab my video camera and i filmed for two seconds and the battery died... sad story!

...so five white folk standing outside the house watching this was more of a sight for them then they were to us! we were such a sight that they pulled us into the middle of their dance procession and there we were, well, dancing in the street! I was in my jeans rolled up to my knees and a Liberty University tshirt! they were taking pics and we were on their video! that poor bride and her wedding footage is now tarnished forever...with my face grinning from ear to ear!

i always wanted to be a part of an indian wedding, but that was not exactly what i was thinking...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

a little strange...

it's a little strange how obsessed i am with this blog, it is 2 something in the morning and i am trying to change the font of my title....nite nite!

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from this day forward...

life is an adventure as never before. I laugh a million times a day at different sights that are both somewhat absurd and amusing!
I also find myself wanting to cry over all the hardships and lostness. Finding a balance is my new goal from this day forward....
I hope that I can share all my experiences with the justice they deserve...

since moving to asia I have had several encounters with rodents including the one named "ralph" currently living under my bathroom sink... I am also getting acquainted with the "squatty" toilets here! I roll up my pants and approach the teeny throne with confidence... some experiences are better than others. (luckily, i am fully prepared with tp, wet wipes, and antibacterial hand soap at all times...except once!)

i have also taken much pride in being told that i bargain like "an indian woman!" not sure if that is a good thing or not!
seeing elephants and camels is another thriller! (you would have thought I have never been to the zoo before as a child)

i hope that some of these pics will express my feelings better than my words....until later....